Carolina Torres

Designer & Illustrator

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Designer, brand strategist and illustrator with an art history background from Bogotá, Colombia, based in New York City.

I moved to New York City in 2015 to attend Parsons School of Design. There I earned a BA in visual studies and art history and a BFA in integrated design focusing on graphic design. I recently completed the Master’s in Branding at SVA, the first program of its kind created and run by Debbie Millman. My background includes art history, illustration, cultural research, and content strategy. I have used these skills working for non-profit organizations and companies in the wellness sector like Standard Dose and Doveras. Other clients include Flowcode, Hale Design, and Very Great. Most recently, I worked with designers Meng Shui and Maria Farah to create Project Body Type, a typeface that honors the human form and tells the story of a diverse group of bodies. 

Two of my great loves are design and sexual education, and I get to combine them both in my project @100daysofsextalk. There I seek to ignite conversations about sex, sexuality, and bodies through daily posters covering topics ranging from the anatomy of the vulva and consent to BDSM and anal sex.

I am open to new full-time or freelance opportunities.