100-day project


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In the Master’s of Branding at SVA they ask students to complete an independent final project over the span of 100 days. 100 days of sex talk is a second take at my undergraduate thesis project, Entre Piernas. The work and research that I did since 2019 found an outlet in the form of daily posters meant to open up conversations about sexuality and all possible topics surrounding it. Combining my love for design and sex-ed, I created a new poster every day with a new style and a new topic with captions in both English and Spanish that would open the floor for the audience to think deeper about sex and what it means to them.

001. Orgasms | Orgasmo
002. Consent | Consentimiento

003. Masturbate | Masturbate
 004. What does the vulva look like? | ¿Cómo se ve la vulva?

005. Virginity | La Virginidad
006. Lube | Lubricante

007. Vulva | Vulva
008. Sex is not just penetration | El sexo no es sólo penetración

009. Nipples | Pezones 
010. BDSM | BDSM

011. Condón | Condom
012. Pee after sex | Haz pipi después de tirar